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Textbook of Laryngology

TOL-C001 - Chapter 1 (16 Pages)

Historical Developments in Laryngology

Lee M. Akst, Steven M. Zeitels
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C002 - Chapter 2 (12 Pages)

Frontiers in Laryngology

Seth H. Dailey
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C003 - Chapter 3 (22 Pages)

Anatomy of the Larynx and Physiology of Phonation

Suzy Duflo, Susan L. Thibeault
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C004 - Chapter 4 (12 Pages)

Physiology of Airway Regulation

Christy L. Ludlow
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C005 - Chapter 5 (10 Pages)

Physiology of Swallowing

Milan R. Amin, Reena Gupta
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C006 - Chapter 6 (12 Pages)


Nadine P. Connor, Diane M. Bless
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C007 - Chapter 7 (12 Pages)

Laryngeal High-Speed Digital Imaging and Kymography

Rita Patel, Diane M. Bless
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C008 - Chapter 8 (10 Pages)

Clinical and Instrumental Evaluation of the Voice Patient

Claudio F. Milstein, Douglas M. Hicks
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C009 - Chapter 9 (12 Pages)

Laryngeal Electromyography

Nicole Maronian, Lawrence Robinson
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C010 - Chapter 10 (16 Pages)

Radiology of the Larynx

Soh Ping Eng, Georges Lawson, Thierry Vanderborght, Marc LaCrosse, Marc Remacle
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C011 - Chapter 11 (12 Pages)

Office-Based Instrumental Examinations in Laryngology - Including TNE, FEES, and FEESST

Stacey L. Halum, Gregory N. Postma
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C012 - Chapter 12 (8 Pages)

Laryngeal Hygiene

Douglas M. Hicks, Claudio F. Milstein
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C013 - Chapter 13 (12 Pages)

Speech-Language Intervention - Voice Therapy

Sarah Marx Schneider, Robert T. Sataloff
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C014 - Chapter 14 (22 Pages)

General Principles of Microlaryngeal Surgery

Adam D. Rubin, Robert T. Sataloff
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C015 - Chapter 15 (12 Pages)

Lasers in Laryngology

Robert A. Buckmire
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C016 - Chapter 16 (18 Pages)

Voice and Speech Abnormalities in Systemic Neurodegenerative Disorders

Ted Mau, Mark S. Courey
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C017 - Chapter 17 (20 Pages)

Vocal Fold Paralysis

Tanya Meyer, Lucian Sulica, Andrew Blitzer
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C018 - Chapter 18 (8 Pages)

The Larynx in Parkinsonís Disease

Mona M. Abaza, Jennifer Spielman
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C019 - Chapter 19 (10 Pages)

Essential Voice Tremor

Lucian Sulica, Elan Louis
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C020 - Chapter 20 (12 Pages)

Spasmodic Dysphonia

Joel H. Blumin, Gerald S. Berke
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C021 - Chapter 21 (14 Pages)

Localized Inflammatory Disorders of the Larynx

Natasha Mirza
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C022 - Chapter 22 (10 Pages)

Systemic Inflammatory Disorders Affecting the Larynx

Felicia L. Johnson, James W. Ragland
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C023 - Chapter 23 (10 Pages)

Reflux and Its Impact on Laryngology

Riitta Ylitalo
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C024 - Chapter 24 (20 Pages)

Benign Lesions of the Larynx

Timothy D. Anderson
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C025 - Chapter 25 (28 Pages)

Malignant Neoplasms of the Larynx

Jason P. Hunt, Andrew J. McWhorter
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C026 - Chapter 26 (26 Pages)

Laryngotracheal Stenosis

Michael Pitman, Robert H. Ossoff
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C027 - Chapter 27 (16 Pages)

Surgery for Swallowing Disorders and Aspiration

Albert L. Merati, Sachin Pawar
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C028 - Chapter 28 (32 Pages)

Pediatric Laryngology

Dana Mara Thompson, Joseph E. Kerschner
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C029 - Chapter 29 (16 Pages)

Postlaryngectomy Speech Rehabilitation

Bruce H. Campbell, Mary Brawley
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C030 - Chapter 30 (14 Pages)

Endocrine Disorders of the Larynx

Mai Thy Truong, Edward J. Damrose
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-C031 - Chapter 31 (10 Pages)

Rhinologic Disease and Its Impact on the Larynx

Kenneth W. Altman
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-A01 - Appendix A (6 Pages)

Textbook of Laryngology Post-Test

Albert Merati, Steven Bielamowicz
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

TOL-A02 - Appendix B (12 Pages)

Answer Keys for Pre-Test, Chapter Review Tests, and Post-Test

Albert Merati, Steven Bielamowicz
ISBN: 978-1-59756-028-3

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