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Communication and Swallowing in Parkinson Disease

Edited by: Deborah Theodoros, Lorraine Ramig
256 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Softcover, 7 x 10"
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Numerous books have been written on various medical aspects of Parkinson's Disease. Until now, however, there has not been published a text which focuses specifically on the debilitating speech, cognitive-linguistic, and swallowing disorders associated with this disease.

The current body of literature in the field of speech pathology pertaining to the description, assessment, and management of the communication and swallowing difficulties experienced by people with Parkinson's Disease is extensive. However, the majority of this literature is published in research journal article format, or as individual book chapters in various books. The first of its kind, Communication and Swallowing Disorders in Parkinson's Disease condenses and organizes this information into an accessible format in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of these disorders and their management in this clinical population.

Foreword by Mitchell F. Brin, MD

  • Chapter 1: Parkinson Disease: Symptoms and Medical Management
    Andrew Blitzer, Mitchell F. Brin, and Miodrag Velickovic
  • Chapter 2: Neuropathologic Bases for Communication and Swallowing Disorders in Parkinson Disease
    Geralyn Schulz
  • Chapter 3: Speech Disorder in Parkinson Disease
    Deborah Theodoros
  • Chapter 4: Assessment and Treatment of the Speech Disorder in Parkinson Disease
    Shimon Sapir, Lorraine Ramig, and Cynthia Fox
  • Chapter 5: Cognitive-Linguistic Disorder in Parkinson Disease
    Adrienne Hancock, Leonard LaPointe, and Brooke-Mai Whelan
  • Chapter 6: Assessment and Treatment of Cognitive-Linguistic Disorder in Parkinson Disease
    Brooke-Mai Whelan
  • Chapter 7: Swallowing Disorders in Parkinson Disease
    Michelle Ciucci, Leslie Mahler, and David H. McFarland

About The Editors

Deborah Theodoros

Dr. Theodoros is Professor and Head of the Division of Speech Pathology, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

Lorraine Ramig

Dr. Ramig is a Professor in the Department of Speech-Language and Hearing Science (SLHS) at the University of Colorado-Boulder; a Senior Scientist at the National Center for Voice and Speech (NCVS), a division of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts; an Adjunct Professor at Columbia Teacher's College in New York City; and Founder/President of the LSVT Foundation, a non-profit organization.

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