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Emotions in the Human Voice
Volume III Culture and Perception

Krzysztof Izdebski
354 pages, Illustrated (B/W), Softcover, 7 x 10"
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The last volume of Emotions in the Human Voice presents the reader with information on the application of vocal emotions in the daily interaction with technology and whether the vocal emotions are universal or culture specific. This volume presents noteworthy data on cross-cultural vocal emotions and how the emerging silicon technology struggles to provide unbiased and accurate renditions of instruments, computers, systems and products that will interact properly with vocally transmitted emotions. The authors discusses the problems and challenges in creating virtual emotional anthropomorphismic creatures, how automatic recognition of vocal emotions by machines is achieved, and the effects of future technology or our day-to-day “emotional” life.

  • Foreword
    Hans von Leden
  • Preface
    Krzysztof Izdebski, PhD
  1. Research on emotional perception of voices based on a morphing method
    Kazuhiko Kakehi, Yuko Sogabe, and Hideki Kawahara
  2. A paralinguistic template for creating persona in interactive voice response (IVR) systems
    Osamuyimen Thompson Stewart
  3. Memory for emotional tone of voice
    John W. Mullennix
  4. Assessing voice characteristics of depression among English- and Spanish- speaking populations
    Gerardo M. González and Amy L. Ramos
  5. Automatic discrimination of emotion from voice: a review of research paradigms
    Juhani Toivanen, Tapio Seppänen, and Eero Väyrynen
  6. Dazed and Confused: Possible processing constraints on emotional response to information-dense motivational speech
    Claude Steinberg
  7. Emotion processing deficits in functional voice disorders
    Janet E. Baker and Richard D. Lane
  8. Emotions, anthropomorphism of speech synthesis, and psychophysiology
    Mirja Ilves and Veikko Surakka
  9. LUCIA a new emotive/expressive Italian talking head
    Piero Cosi and Carlo Drioli
  10. Perceptions of Japanese anime voices by Hebrew speakers
    Mihoko Teshigawara, Noam Amir, Ofer Amir, Edna Milano Wlosko, and Meital Avivi
  11. Recognition of vocal and facial emotions: comparison between Japanese and North Americans
    Sumi Shigeno
  12. Automatic recognition of emotive voice and speech
    Julia Sidorova and Toni Badia
  13. The context of voice and emotion: A voiceover artist’s perspective
    Kathleen Antonia Tarr
  14. Tokin tuf: true grit in the voice of virility
    Claude Steinberg
  15. Vocal expressions of emotions and personalities in japanese anime
    Mihoko Teshigawara
  16. Dubbing in Brazilian Portuguese: an analysis of characters voices in children’s movies
    Mara Behlau and Gisele Gasparini
  17. Voice and emotions in the philippine culture
    Juliana Sustento Seneriches
  18. The strains of the voice
    Steven Connor
  19. Approaches to emotional expressivity in synthetic speech
    Marc Schröder

About The Author

Krzysztof Izdebski

Krzysztof Izdebski, PhD, Chairman, Pacific Voice and Speech Foundation, SF, CA, USA; Clinical Associate Professor, Dept of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA, USA; Fellow, ASHA, USA; Founding Member: The World Voice Consortium, Oporto, Portugal; Honorary Member: Fundation Mexicana de la Voz.