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June 2011, Volume 14, Issue #2

Asia Pacific Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing

Editor-in-Chief: Bruce Murdoch, PhD

June 2011 CONTENTS

Volume 14, Issue #2

An Acoustics-Based Assessment of Error Patterns in English Sounds Produced
by Cantonese ESL Speakers By Lan Zhang, Manwa L. Ng

Computer-Administrated Versus Paper-Based Assessment of School-Entry Phonological Awareness Ability
By Karyn Carson, Gail Gillon, Therese Boustead

Phonological Mean Length of Utterance in Children with Phonological Disorders
By Radish Kumar. B, Jayashree. S. Bhat, Neitica Prasad

Effect of Filtering on Perception of Monosyllables (CV) and Words
By Prashanth Prabhu P, Vijay Kumar Yadav Avilala, Animesh Barman

Rates of Ear Disease in Children Visiting a Mobile Community Ear Clinic in New Zealand—Two-Year Study of Over 2,000 Children

By Emma Collins, Felix S. F. Ram

Acoustic Stapedial Reflex Test Modification in Ears with High Static Admittance and Asymmetric Hearing Loss: A Case Study
By Samuel R. Atcherson, Tina M. Stoody

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