References for the Voice Clinic Team

Plural has great new clinical references for the voice clinic team! One of which is Respiratory Muscle Strength Training by Christine Sapienza, PhD, and Michelle Troche, PhD.

Respiratory muscle strength training programs are increasingly used in clinic, but too little is known of the specific parameters that can be manipulated to change training effects, as well as studying issues of training length and the consequences of detraining.

Christine Sapienza and Michelle Troche detail all you and your therapy team needs to know about the topic, supported by illuminating illustrations, and demonstrations of the step-by-step processes on how to manipulate the device and finish training. Additionally, details are given of the various devices on the market. Pocket-sized and designed as a daily ‘dip-in’ reference, this is the only book available on the topic.

Click here for similar titles and more information!

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