Plural Supports Student Research Forum Awards at AudiologyNOW!

Each year, five recipients present their research findings at AudiologyNOW! and receive a $500 award from the Foundation as sponsored by Plural. We congratulate this year’s very deserving award recipients.

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Messages from the award recipients:

“It was a great honor and privilege to be selected and given the opportunity to present my research project and represent the University of North Texas in the Student Research Forum. From applying to presenting, the experience was full of nervousness. However, the possibility of presenting the research that I devoted so much time to in the last 3 years on a national stage was something I could not pass up. I am so very appreciative to the Foundation and Plural Publishing for allowing five students the opportunity to gain experience in public speaking and share the work that is so meaningful to them. I enjoyed meeting the four other students involved, Dr. Samuel Atcherson from the University of Arkansas, and other representatives from audiology programs and the Academy.  It would not have been possible for me to be selected without the hard work and dedication of my mentor, Dr. Amyn Amlani. The experience could not have been more perfect and I am appreciative for the award.”

Kyle Harber | Au.D. Student | University of North Texas

“I am so appreciative to have received the Student Research Forum Award this year. Knowing that the countless hours of work dedicated to our projects is appreciated by others in the community, and is impactful enough to receive such recognition is a true motivator for future audiologist and hearing researchers. This graciously funded event not only allows students to be recognized for their hard work, but also provides an unforgettable experience of presenting our research on the national stage. Overall, receiving the Student Research Forum Award has motivated me to continue and expand my research, and has allowed me to grow as a professional. For that I would like to sincerely thank AAA, the Audiology Foundation, and of course, Plural Publishing, for making this experience possible for myself and for future hearing researchers.”

Adam Sheppard | Au.D./Ph.D. Student | University at Buffalo

“As someone who became involved in basic science auditory research as an undergraduate sophomore, giving an oral presentation at a national conference was a culmination of all my efforts over the past 6 years working & learning in Dr. Michael Anne Gratton’s lab at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. As I mentioned before my presentation, it was an absolute honor to receive one of the Student Investigator Grants from the AAAF. However, it was even more of an honor to be invited to share the results of this project at the Student Research Forum. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, meeting the other presenters, and considering the interesting questions from the audience following my presentation. This experience is one I will remember for years to come, & I look forward to giving many more oral presentations throughout my professional career. Thank you for the perfect introduction to the national stage of auditory/audiology research through the AudiologyNOW! 2016 Student Research Forum.” 

Krysta Gasser Rutledge | Au.D. Student | Washington University of Medicine

“Terrified. The perfect word to describe how I felt before taking the stage at this year’s Student Research Forum. Sitting alongside my fellow award winners, it felt as though we had conquered the world. Each of us having put forth incredible amounts of time and effort into our projects, we had an unspoken yet heartfelt bond. As a student, the prospect of discussing my research with industry professionals with many more years of experience than me was overwhelming. Yet there I was, talking to a room full of audiologists about PSAPs and hearing aids and they were listening! It was the ultimate validation, seeing others intrigued by my work. I was moved by the encouragement and excitement of the audiologists in the room. It was so rewarding to engage others in my research, and I will forever cherish the memories and connections I made that afternoon. I look forward to supporting students and their research when I am an audiologist myself, and am proud to know that Plural Publishing is supporting student research in such a visible manner.”

Chase Smith | BA | University of Northwestern

Congratulations and good luck with your research!

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