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CHARGE Syndrome

Timothy Hartshorne, Ph.D., Margaret Hefner, MS, Sandra Davenport, MD, CM, James Thelin, Ph.D.

CHARGE syndrome affects approximately 1:10,000 births worldwide.  Most of those individuals will have communication-related problems, including breathing, swallowing, hearing and balance, and speech.

Each of the editors is established as an expert on CHARGE syndrome and has received the highest award bestowed by the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation.  The editors represent, four different disciplines: sensory genetics and neurodevelopment, genetic counseling, audiology, and psychology.

This, is the first known book on the subject, and delves into the sensory, physical, and behavioral findings in CHARGE.  It also indicates what kinds of studies need to be done to confirm the findings, and describes how these findings affect the function and development of the individual with CHARGE.

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