New FEES Training Tool Coming Soon

Training and Interpretation of FEES in Adults

Edie R. Hapner

This brand new product emanates from the author’s self-developed and proven program for training Speech-Language Pathologists in the use of FEES. Comprehensive and eminently clear and concise, it comprises video lectures on a DVD together with an explanatory manual that gives practicing clinicians a solid foundation on viewing the pharynx, larynx, and velopharynx endoscopically for FEES.

Clinicians are taken through a tutorial on laryngeal anomalies that might be seen before being guided through didactic videoed lectures and actual FEES exams to aid in the accurate diagnosis of swallowing problems endoscopically. Throughout, guidance is given in multidisciplinary management of swallowing through the use of FEES.

Ideally suited to training and competency development for medical Speech-Language Pathologists, it is also targeted at graduate students in Dysphagia courses. Additionally, Otolaryngology residents will learn how to perform and interpret FEES exams.

Coming soon! Click here to order your copy today!

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