Aphasia Books and Therapy Tools

When it comes to great books on Aphasia, Plural’s got you covered! We offer a multitude of titles on aphasia, one of which is the Aphasia Couples Therapy Workbook, by Larry Boles, CCC-SLP.

The Aphasia Couples Therapy Workbook helps you to empower your clients and their caregivers in becoming practically involved in improving everyday life during and after therapy. Geared toward the couple the workbook provides an easy-to-use, practical continuation of therapy, arranged in a functional format to cover everyday activities in a format easily accessible to clients and their spouses or caregivers. Click her for more info and similar titles!

Aphasia Awareness Month

June is National Aphasia Awareness Month! Check out our new aphasia product called Simple Counseling.  It’s not a book, but a self-contained website on CD-ROM intended to support university instructors who seek to focus students on principles and methods of counseling pertinent to adults who have aphasia.

New Plural Community Newsletter Available

Happy New Year!

January’s Plural Community Newsletter can be found at: http://twurl.nl/fjnk3a

In this month’s issue, you can:

-Read a case study by Bruce Murdoch on an atypical pediatric TBI case;

-Check out our new releases, including Simple Counseling, a self-contained website on CD-ROM focusing on principles and methods of counseling adults with aphasia and

-Enter for a chance to win a free copy of Lise Menn’s Psycholinguistics.