Plural is Headed to AudiologyNOW! in Chicago

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New Audiology Textbook to the Printer

We just sent “Vestibular Learning Manual,” by Bre Lynn Myers, to the printer, and it will be in the warehouse in April.  This book is part of the Core Clinical Concepts in Audiology Series and is designed to be a systematic, practical application of theoretical knowledge commonly taught in vestibular curriculum of Audiology Doctoral programs.

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Three New Releases!

Plural is proud to announce three new exciting titles!

Science of Successful Supervision and Mentorship provides a global perspective for all speech-language pathology supervisors. This book is like no other, making it a must read. Filled with up-to-date cutting-edge research, Carozza has produced a wonderful book.

This second edition of Children with Hearing Loss, is a crucial compilation of important information for the facilitation of auditorally-based spoken language for today’s infants and young children with hearing loss. This second edition covers current and up-to-date information about hearing, listening, auditory technology, auditory development, spoken language development, and intervention for young children with hearing loss whose parents have chosen to have them learn to listen and talk.

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Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology has the most wide range coverage of any book like it. This book is sure to become the reference book for pediatric audiology, containing contributions from more than 50 internationally recognized experts in the field. This book is perfect for students and professionals.

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Just Published!

Programming Cochlear Implants

by Jace Wolfe and Erin C. Schafer

Cochlear implants offer substantial benefit for children and adults with severe to profound hearing loss. However, for recipients to realize their full potential with the device, it must be carefully programmed. Programming Cochlear Implants, a volume in the Core Clinical Concepts in Audiology Series, offers practical guidance for clinicians who program or plan to program cochlear implants, introducing the basics of cochlear implant programming and continuing through advanced programming techniques. Manufacturer-specific information is provided, and case studies are presented to illustrate cochlear implant programming fundamentals and strategies. Specific topics covered include: basics of cochlear implant terminology and programming, clinical protocols for cochlear implant management, programming considerations for bilateral cochlear implant recipients, troubleshooting during the programming process, device-specific programming techniques, basic use of objective measures to set cochlear implant programs, use of FM and assistive listening devices with cochlear implants, and management of the difficult-to-program recipient. This book serves as a practical guide for clinicians who are providing services to cochlear implant users and also as a teaching tool for graduate-level students.

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Hot off the press!

Basic Audiometry Learning Manual

by Mark DeRuiter and Virginia Ramachandran

The Basic Audiometry Learning Manual, a volume in the Core Clinical Concepts in Audiology Series, is designed to provide beginning clinicians and students with experiences and instruction in the art and science of clinical audiometry techniques. Learning objectives, review of concepts, observation exercises, guided practice, and review materials serve as catalysts for active learning of concepts and provide opportunity for utilization of fundamental audiometry methods.

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Head Injury Recovery in Real Life

by Larry E. Schutz and Michael E. Schutz

Head Injury Recovery in Real Life combines a thorough review of scientific and clinical background information about recovery from traumatic brain injury with a set of autobiographical accounts of 12 of the 18 best long-term recoveries from a population of 1800 discharged patients at an advanced cognitive rehabilitation program.

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