“Sleep Medicine” Coming in August!

Our forthcoming book entitled Sleep Medicine, examines proper methods of medical practice for Otolaryngologists

Sleep Medicine is one of the fastest growing areas of Otolaryngology! Providing a new inside look from the ENT’s perspective, Sleep Medicine focuses on materials necessary to practice, covering the basics of both adult and pediatric sleep medicine as it applies to the clinical setting.

The editors, Kathleen Yaremchuck, MD, and Pell Wardrop, MD, are 2 of the 49 board certified otolaryngologists who were board certified in sleep disorders in 2008.

This is the only book to provide both an in-depth review of clinical sleep medicine with coverage of sleep testing modalities, as well as a focus on clinical sleep disorders that an otolaryngologist will likely see in the office.

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New Release

Health Care Reform Through Practical Clinical Guidlines

Ear Nose Throat

edited by K. J. Lee with Yvonne Chan

Health Care Reform Through Practical Clinical Guidelines: Ear Nose Throat is a practical set of clinical guidelines for ENT doctors, arranged by symptom. It is the first book to attempt to define what good healthcare reform should be, in order to increase quality, decrease inefficiency, and build a financial model to achieve this.

Only $49.95, this book covers the various symptoms presented in clinic; develops a list of differential diagnoses; explains how to systematically rule out each differential diagnosis, chooses the most cost-effective route; and presents the most cost-effective treatment for each.

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