Communication and Parkinson Disease

Incredibly, in spite of the literature published in learned journals, there is no book which focuses specifically on the debilitating speech, cognitive-linguistic, and swallowing disorders associated with Parkinson.

In Communication and Swallowing in Parkinson Disease, the editors have condensed and organized this information into an accessible format in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of these disorders and their management. Click here for more information, similar titles, and to order your copies today!

Plural’s Best-Selling Titles in Neurogenics

Plural would like to remind you about some of our best-selling titles in neurogenics, recommended by speech-language pathologists in the medical field. Click here for the list!

One such title is Aphasia Rehabilitation: The Impairment and Its Consequences by Nadine Martin, PhD, Cynthia Thompson, PhD, and Linda Worrall, PhD. An opening chapter sets the scene, while the heart of the book, based on real cases, concerns five meticulously described, yet hypothetical individuals with aphasia. In each of the cases, detailed descriptions and assessment results are provided and clinical management plans, representing each approach, are presented by internationally recognized experts in aphasia rehabilitation. Click here for more info and to order your copy today!