Practical HNO References

We take pleasure in sending you details of three outstanding, practical references for your Cancer team. Check them out here!

First up is Biel’s book on PDT. Increasingly, PDT is moving from the domain of the dermatology team and onto your caseload. This practical book offers hints and tips as well as a solid grounding in successful technique. Also detailed are Weber and Moore’s outstanding new work on cutaneous malignancies and Guy Petruzzelli’s bestselling practical reference for all head and neck surgeons. Order your copies today!

Coming Soon: New Book on Head and Neck Cancer

We are excited to announce that “Cutaneous Malignancy of the Head and Neck: A Multidisciplinary Approach,” is almost complete and will be available soon.   This book, edited by Drs. Randal Weber and Brian Moore will be in full color.

About the book: For the first time, a true multidisciplinary approach to cutaneous malignancy of the head and neck is presented, as international experts in head and neck surgical oncology, dermatology, Mohs micrographic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, radiation oncology, and medical oncology present state-of-the-art techniques and promising horizons in the treatment of cutaneous malignancy of the head and neck. Whether in primary care or a specialty practice, this text should prove invaluable to any practitioner who treats patients with skin cancer of the head and neck.

You can pre-order and learn more at: