Another Great New Release!

Just released! Assessment of Motor Speech Disorders, by Anja Lowit and Raymond Kent, combines a wide range of research presenting the latest assessment and evaluation techniques for disordered speech. This one-of-a kind resource provides reviews of the latest reserch ranging from intelligibility and physiological functioning to conversational analysis, participation measures, and telehealth. It also provides the latest research on phonetics, kinematics, imaging, and neural modeling. Because of the book’s breadth of topics and methods, it is a must have for anyone in the field.

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September is National Literacy Month! Now is the time to check out all four of Plural’s books in the Emergent Literacy Series: Emergent Literacy, Assessment in Emergent Literacy, Clinical Approaches to Emergent Literacy Intervention and Sharing Books and Stories to Promote Literacy. It’s the perfect way to get involved in making sure that individuals of all ages in your community can read!

Author of the Week: Sadanand Singh, PhD

Sadanand Singh, PhD


Dr. Sadanand Singh is a Fellow of the American Speech-Hearing-Language Association (ASHA) and an active member and contributor to the direction of that organization. Currently Chairman of Plural Publishing, Inc., which specializes in the communication sciences, he has been a Professor at The Ohio State University, Professor and Department Chair at Howard University, Professor and Director at the University of Texas Health Science program, and Professor and Chairman of the Communicative Disorders Department at San Diego State University. He has also served on advisory boards with leading scientists, clinicians, and professors in several areas of key academic and clinical concentration. Dr. Singh has authored undergraduate and graduate texts in phonetics, phonology, measurements, and clinical procedures.

Be sure to check out Dr. Singh’s book:

Phonetics: Principles and Practices, Third Edition

Phonetics: Principles and Practices, Third Edition