Child Language – Development and Disorders

We are pleased to bring you details about three publications to meet your teaching needs in child language. From development to acquired language disorders, these titles bring you the best in modern assessment and treatment practice – including issues ranging from neuropathology to TBI to oncology – all from outstanding authors. Click here for more details and to order your copies today!



Bruce Murdoch’s Handbook of Acquired Communication Disorders in Childhood provides comprehensive coverage of acquired motor speech and language disorders occurring in children in terms of their neuropathological basis, neurology, clinical symptomatology, prognosis, assessment, and treatment. Click here to order your copy!

Cognitive Communication Disorders

We are delighted to introduce you to Michael Kimbarow’s Cognitive Communication Disorders.
A team of expert contributors addresses all aspects of cognitive processes, from normal functioning to deficits such as executive functioning, though Alzheimer’s to TBI, which may affect communication.


For this and other resources on cognitive processes, click here!

New Book on Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Just Published!  Mild Traumatic Brain Injury:  Episodic Symptoms and Treatment discusses a diagnosable and  treatable sub-type of Persistent Post-Concussive Syndrome (PPCS) following mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Clearly written, practical, and requiring little knowledge of brain structure and function, this book provides all involved in client care with the tools they need to ensure good outcomes. Of particular value is the near-unique coverage of the the mechanisms underlying blast-induced neuro-trauma, a subject of great concern to military personnel, care-providers, and their families.

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Hot off the press!

Basic Audiometry Learning Manual

by Mark DeRuiter and Virginia Ramachandran

The Basic Audiometry Learning Manual, a volume in the Core Clinical Concepts in Audiology Series, is designed to provide beginning clinicians and students with experiences and instruction in the art and science of clinical audiometry techniques. Learning objectives, review of concepts, observation exercises, guided practice, and review materials serve as catalysts for active learning of concepts and provide opportunity for utilization of fundamental audiometry methods.

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Head Injury Recovery in Real Life

by Larry E. Schutz and Michael E. Schutz

Head Injury Recovery in Real Life combines a thorough review of scientific and clinical background information about recovery from traumatic brain injury with a set of autobiographical accounts of 12 of the 18 best long-term recoveries from a population of 1800 discharged patients at an advanced cognitive rehabilitation program.

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You can also order Head Injury Recovery in Real Life in a bundle of five copies. Click here to order the bundle package today.