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Welcome to Behavior Assessment Battery for Adults Who Stutter by Martine Vanryckeghem and Gene J. Brutten.


The Behavior Assessment Battery for Adults Who Stutter is a multi-dimensional set of inter-related, evidence-based, self-report tests that provide normative data for adults. The Battery has evolved and been refined over many years and has been used with an innumerable number of clients all over the world. These self-report test procedures provide speech-language pathologists and other professionals assisting individuals who are dysfluent, with a multi-modal view of how an adult is affected by how he or she feels, reacts to, and thinks about his or her speech. The test battery contains four different assessment tools investigating the affective, behavioral and cognitive dimensions that are essential in exploring what comprises a dysfluent client. Aside from assisting in differential diagnosis, the tests’ items give direction to treatment by indicating the specific targets in need of therapeutic intervention.

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