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Welcome to Plural Publishing's companion website, intended to enhance your use of the text Cleft Palate Speech and Resonance: An Audio and Video Resource by Linda D. Vallino, Dennis M. Ruscello, and David J. Zajac.

About the Book

Cleft Palate Speech and Resonance: An Audio and Video Resource is a clinical tool to train students and clinicians to reliably identify articulation, resonance, nasal air emission, and voice aspects of cleft palate speech. The resource contains high-quality audio and video recordings of speech samples and case studies that represent a variety of speech symptoms associated with cleft palate. In addition, it includes a brief overview of the velopharyngeal mechanism and a protocol for the clinical assessment of patients with cleft-related speech disorders. All information presented is evidence based and reflects the most current knowledge on cleft palate speech.

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