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Welcome to Plural Publishing's companion website, intended to enhance your use of the text Clinical Voice Pathology: Theory and Management, Sixth Edition by Joseph C. Stemple, Nelson Roy, and Bernice K. Klaben.

About the Book

A classic work, now in its sixth edition, Clinical Voice Pathology: Theory and Management is a compilation of the authors' vast clinical and research experiences and addresses a considerable range of voice disorders in various populations and from various etiologies including medical, environmental, social, psychological, occupational, and idiopathic threats to vocal health. The text continues to be organized for the graduate speech-language pathology student and instructor, building the foundational knowledge necessary to evaluate and treat voice disorders including history and common causes of voice disorders, anatomy and physiology of voice production, pathologies of the vocal mechanism, and an extensive array of evaluation and management approaches. In addition, the text continues to provide background in caring for the professional voice and those patients presenting with head and neck cancers.

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