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Welcome to Plural Publishing's companion website, intended to enhance your use of the text Temporal Bone Histology and Radiology Atlas by Sujana S. Chandrasekhar and Hosakere K. Chandrasekhar.

About the Book

Temporal Bone Histology and Radiology Atlas provides a user-friendly approach to understanding both microscopic and radiographic anatomy of the temporal bone. It examines horizontal and vertical histologic sections and correlates them to the more commonly seen radiographic images, primarily on CT and also on MR. This enables the reader to "see" (by visualizing) much more when they look at radiographs than they otherwise would. This text is easy to use and can be referred to in detail as well as briefly and frequently in the course of otolaryngology or radiology practice, and can be digested comfortably for maintenance of certification (MOC) and Boards preparation.

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