Companion Website

Designed to accompany The Late Eight, Third Edition by Kenneth M. Bleile, this website contains over 20 podcasts on current topics and demonstrations of clinical techniques. It also includes much of the information contained in the book in an easy-to-access, portable format that can be downloaded and printed to build exercises that clinicians can adapt and individualize for each student. The website includes the following printable materials for each sound:

  • a "cheat sheet";
  • initial screening form;
  • initial stimulability testing form;
  • demonstrations;
  • phonetic placement and shaping exercises;
  • shells for speech exercises;
  • shells for language activities;
  • complete word list;
  • minimal pairs;
  • deletions; and
  • themes.

Contact Us

We invite your reactions to both The Late Eight, Third Edition and this site. Please feel free to call Plural Publishing, Inc. at 858-492-1555 with your questions and your suggestions for improving the book and the companion website. Additionally, do not hesitate to email us at if you need help or have comments to pass along. Please include the phrase "The Late Eight" in the subject line of your e-mail message(s). We look forward to hearing from you!