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Welcome to the PluralPlus companion website intended to enhance your use of the text, Goal Setting in Speech-Language Pathology: A Guide to Clinical Reasoning by Casey Taliancich-Klinger, Angela J. Kennedy, and Catherine Torrington Eaton.

Goal-Setting in Speech-Language Pathology: A Guide to Clinical Reasoning is the first textbook of its kind on evidence-based clinical decision-making for speech-language pathologists (SLPs). The goal of this text is to fill a pedagogical need for an efficient tool that teaches clinical reasoning to guide treatment planning. There are a number of existing resources in speech-language pathology that describe the how-to of writing goals, but not the clinical decision-making thought process behind the formulation of patient-centered goals. The text strives to address the knowledge gap in clinical learning environments across the scope of learners. Written for graduate-level students in clinical methods courses, it will also be an invaluable resource for novice SLP clinicians.

This functional, concise text for clinical coursework or practice explicitly defines the decision-making process used by experienced clinicians from referral to the creation of patient-centered goals. The contents include (1) the purpose for a decision-making framework grounded in both the science of learning and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s (ASHA) clinical competencies, (2) a description of data used in the clinical reasoning process, (3) presentation and discussion of the framework. 

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