Custom eCoursepacks

We realize it is sometimes difficult for instructors to find just the right content for a course. If our textbooks cover less or more than you need, we can work with you to develop a customized eCoursepack that include content from one or more Plural title.  Prices are based on number of pages and course enrollment.

Once you have ordered a custom eCoursepack, we will make it available in the Plural eReader. Your students must come to our website to purchase the eCoursepack and they will be given instructions on how to redeem the code and access the eCoursepack in the eReader.

Book Chapters:

If you have identified pages or chapters among our texts that you would like to use in an eCourse pack, or if you are looking for content on a specific subject, but are not sure if our texts contain it, please contact our Higher Education Sales Manager, Marty Lew at and he will assist you.