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Cognitive Communication Disorders

Third Edition

Michael L. Kimbarow

Pediatric Swallowing and Feeding: Assessment and Management

Third Edition

Joan C. Arvedson
Linda Brodsky
Maureen A. Lefton-Greif

Surgical and Medical Management of Diseases of the Thyroid and Parathyroid

First Edition

Ashok R. Shaha
Cherie-Ann Nathan
Jyotika F. Fernandes
Chris de Souza
Shashank R. Joshi

Laryngology: Clinical Reference Guide

First Edition

Justin Ross
Haig Panossian
Mary J. Hawkshaw
Robert T. Sataloff

Vestibular Testing Interpretation: Drill and Practice

First Edition

Matthew G. Crowson
Douglas B. Garrison
Kristal M. Riska
Debara L. Tucci
David Kaylie

Plural is pleased to announce the launch of the new book series, Medical Speech-Language Pathology