The Company

Where are Plural's international offices?
Who are Plural's consulting editors?
Are there any Career Opportunities at Plural?

Customer Service

How do I contact Customer Service?

Ordering Information

How do I place an order?
How do I use the shopping cart?
What are my payment options?
Is my payment safe?
What is the sales tax for my order?
How do I use a discount or promotion code?
What is your return policy?

Shipping Information

What are your shipping options and rates?
Can I track my order?
How do I ship a return?

Rights and Permissions

Where can I learn more about Course Packs?
How do I submit a permission request to reprint material from a Plural publication?
Who do I contact about translating one of Plural's publications into another language?


Does Plural offer ebooks?
How can my institution purchase Plural's ebooks?
Do ebooks come with companion website access?

PluralPlus Companion Websites

What is a PluralPlus companion website?
How do I get an access code?
Who do I contact for technical help?

Publishing with Plural

How do I submit a book proposal?
What happens after I submit a book proposal?
I have a completed product that I am interested in distributing with Plural. Who do I contact?
How do I contact Plural's editorial team?

Peer Review

How do I become a peer reviewer for Plural?


How do I contact Plural's marketing team?
I am writing for Plural--who should I speak with about marketing my book?

Privacy Policy

What is Plural's privacy policy?