FAQ - Editorial

How do I submit a proposal?

Click here to visit our proposal submission guidelines and download our Editorial and Marketing Questionnaire.

What happens after I submit a book proposal to Plural Publishing?

When you send us your book or multimedia idea, our acquisitions editor and editorial board reviews your submission and considers its marketability and production costs. This review process can take up to six weeks, after which time we will contact you with our publishing decision.

I have a completed product that I am interested in distributing with Plural. Who do I contact?

For distribution, please send an initial email to editorial@pluralpublishing.com with all the relevant information about your product: title, author/editor, size, publication date, audience, price, etc.

How do I submit a permission request to reprint material from a Plural publication?

Visit our Request Permissions page and complete the online form .

Who do I contact about translating one of Plural's publications into another language?

We would be interested in exploring many translation opportunities. Please email us at editorial@pluralpublishing.com.

How do I become a peer reviewer for proposals or manuscripts?

Fill out our Peer Reviewer Information form with your professional interests and the types of reviews you would like to participate in. We will hold onto your information and reach out to you when we have a project matching your interests.

How do I contact Plural's editorial team?

Don't see the answer to your question here? You can contact Plural's editorial team at editorial@pluralpublishing.com.