Donald Finan

Donald Finan, PhD, is a Professor in the department of Audiology and Speech-Language Sciences at the University of Northern Colorado. He received a BS and MS from Eastern Illinois University and a PhD from Indiana University Bloomington. He is a speech scientist with a background encompassing speech-language pathology and audiology, speech physiology, neuroscience, and instrumentation. His interests include the measurement of noise in relation to auditory exposure, speech and music acoustics, technology use in clinical and research settings, and the development of original and pedagogies for speech science instruction. Dr. Finan is the co-developer of the innovative course Musical Acoustics and Health Issues taught at the University of Northern Colorado.

In this course, students explore acoustics by constructing cigar box guitars and PVC pipe didgeridoos, among other hands-on projects related to the speech and hearing sciences. Dr. Finan is the inaugural Coordinator of ASHA’s Special Interest Group 19, Speech Science, and he moderates the Facebook page “Speech Science Toolbox” ( where resources for teaching speech science are shared.  Dr. Finan lives in Loveland, Colorado with his wife.  Their two sons are both pursuing careers in mechanical engineering.  In his spare time, Dr. Finan likes to mountain bike, play guitar, and do archery, although never at the same time. 

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