Ehud Yairi

Ehud Yairi, PhD, CCC-SPL, F-ASHA, is an internationally renowned scholar and an expert on stuttering. A recipient of major grants from the National Institutes of Health, his research and clinical work on many aspects of the disorder throughout the age range, especially in children, had incorporated a wide range of its aspects, including environmental and genetic factors. Dr. Yairi was the first recipient of the Researcher Award of Distinction from the International Fluency Association, is a recipient of the Honors of the Association (the highest award of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association), the Malcolm Fraser Award for excellence in the field of stuttering from the Stuttering Foundation of America, and many others. He is the author (with Nicoline Ambrose) of Early Childhood Stuttering (2005), as well as of numerous scientific articles.

Books by Ehud Yairi