Emma Rushbrooke

Emma Rushbrooke, MPhil(AUD), BA, DipAud., MAudSA., LSLS. Cert. AVT, RNC, is the clinical director of Hear and Say, one of the largest combined Auditory-Verbal early intervention and hearing implant programs in Australia. Its main center is located in Brisbane, Australia, with five additional regional centers and a dedicated telepractice program for both listening and spoken language therapy and audiology services. As clinical director, Ms. Rushbrooke oversees the listening and spoken language therapy and audiology programs, and is also actively involved in research, mentoring, training, and development. For her master's of philosophy in 2012, she conducted research on the validity of remote programming of cochlear implants in children. Ms. Rushbrooke has also contributed to a number of publications, as well as presented at national and international conferences. Her areas of interest include listening and spoken language outcomes for children with hearing loss, telepractice service delivery for both audiology and listening and spoken language therapy, implantable hearing technology, microtia and atresia, unilateral hearing loss and single sided deafness, as well as training and mentoring professionals in the field. Ms. Rushbrooke is currently the acting cochair of the Certification Committee of the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language and is also an AG Bell Academy board member.

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