J. Michael Fitzpatrick

J. Michael Fitzpatrick, PhD, is professor emeritus of computer science, electrical engineering, computer engineering, radiology, and neurosurgery at Vanderbilt University, where he has served as a member of the faculty since 1982. He is an SPIE fellow and an IEEE fellow, an advisory-board member of the Journal of Medical Imaging, and served for four years as chair of the Image Processing Conference at the annual SPIE International Medical Imaging Symposium. He is coeditor with Milan Sonka of The Handbook of Medical Imaging, Volume 2: Medical Image Processing and Analysis and coauthor with Ákos Lédeczi of Computer Programming with Matlab. He has more than 200 publications, which have been cited in over 4000 peer-reviewed articles, and 19 patents. Dr. Fitzpatrick's primary research areas are surgical guidance and image registration with an emphasis on the theoretical development of statistical error prediction. He is married, has two children, and lives with his wife in Nashville, Tennessee.

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