Jacqueline Allen

Jacqueline Allen, FRACS is a Laryngologist practicing in Auckland, New Zealand.  A graduate of the University of Auckland, Dr Allen worked in the United Kingdom before completing her specialist ORL training in 2007.  She then undertook Fellowship training at the Voice and Swallow Centre, University of California, Davis where she specialized in Voice and Dysphagia utilizing modern in-office techniques, endoscopy and laser surgery.  She returned to New Zealand in 2010 and established the Auckland Voice and Swallow Centre, and the Swallowing Lab at University of Auckland where these techniques have been put to use.  Dr Allen is a Board Member of the American Bronchoesophagological Association, Dysphagia Research Society, Laryngology Society of Australasia and is Section Editor of Current Opinion in Otolaryngology.  She has published more than 35 journal articles, 10 book chapters and is a reviewer for many international peer-reviewed journals.  She currently lives with her husband and daughter in Auckland.

Books by Jacqueline Allen