László Bognár

Prof. László Bognár, MD received his medical degree from the Semmelweis University of Budapest, 1982. He completed his residency in Neurology and then in Neurosurgery at National Institute of Neurosurgery in Budapest 1989. During this period he worked one year at Hopital Foch in Paris as a fellow under the tutelage of Prof. P. Derome. He then continued as a staff neurosurgeon in the National Institute of Neurosurgery until 1990, when he left Hungary for 4 years to work with Prof. Lapras in Lyon. During this period obtained full training in Pediatric Neurosurgery and prepared his PhD Thesis. From 1994 he was Consultant and from1997 the Head of Pediatric Neurosurgical Department in the National Institute of Neurosurgery of Hungary. He become Lecturer of Semmelweis University in 2004 and he holds an MSc Diploma in Health Management. Since 2005 he is Chairman and the Director of Neurosurgery Clinic and the Gamma Unit of Debrecen University (DEOEC) . Apart from this position he is an advisor and consultant neurosurgeon at the National Institute of Neurosurgery of Hungary.

  • His main professional activity in the last 14 years is paediatric neurosurgery(3000 surgical procedures) and neuro-oncology (800 tumor operations).He is an experienced surgeon in minimally invasive techniques such as endoscopies(400 cases), neuronavigation and key hole surgery.
  • He has 49 national and international publications.
  • He is an active participant and member of different national and international Societies. He organized the European Course of Paediatric Neurosurgery in 2006.

Currently he is the president of the College of Hungarian Neurosurgeons

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