Lincoln C. Gray

Lincoln C. Gray, PhD, is Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at James Madison University and Adjunct Research Professor of Otolaryngology at the University of Virginia Medical School. Dr. Gray graduated magna cum laude from Carleton College. He has a joint PhD in Neuroscience and Zoology from Michigan State University and has done postdoctoral work at Yale University and the University of Virginia.

He is the author of 67 peer-reviewed scientific papers, 12 edited book chapters, 7 invited contributions, and 2 patents – over 950 printed pages. He has enjoyed 64 overlapping years of external research support totaling over $4.8 million (plus 30 smaller internal grants totaling $229,000). He has supervised 35 undergraduate research projects and 30 doctoral dissertations and served on 44 other dissertation committees. He is proud of two Fulbright fellowships to study oral cancers in South Asia in 1998-1999 and again in 2016-2018, election as "Best Basic Science Teacher" by a class of over 200 medical students, and his College's Distinguished Teacher and Madison Scholar Awards.

Books by Lincoln C. Gray