Nicole Watts Pappas

Dr. Nicole Watts Pappas is an adjunct lecturer at Charles Sturt University, as well as a speech pathologist at the Upper Mt. Gravatt Children’s Development Centre. She recently completed her PhD in working with families in intervention for phonological impairment. Dr. Watts Pappas is the recipient of a number of grants, including the Mitchellsearch Grant, Nadia Verall Memorial Grant, and a Charles Sturt University Scholarship. Dr. Watts Pappas was Associate Editor of Speech Pathology Australia’s clinical journal titled, ACQuiring Knowledge in Speech Language and Hearing in 2004 and a member of the editorial board for three years. Dr. Watts Pappas has spoken extensively on the subject of working with parents and families, presenting at both national and international conferences, including the American Speech and Hearing Association convention, the International Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics conference, the Asia Pacific Conference on Speech, Language and Hearing, the Early Childhood Association conference, and the Speech Pathology Australia conference. In 2006 Dr. Watts Pappas was invited to co-present a Speech Pathology Australia workshop on forming partnerships with parents in speech-language pathology intervention. Dr. Watts Pappas is the author of book chapters on working with parents and families in The International Guide to Speech Acquisition and Children’s Speech Sound Disorders. In addition to her research Dr. Watts Pappas has 11 years of clinical experience working with parents and families in intervention for young children, and to ensure the clinical applicability of her research, continues to work in a community health clinic.

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