Susan Nittrouer

Susan Nittrouer, PhD began tutoring young deaf children in 1972 as a college student at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. She received a Master's degree in Education of the Deaf from Smith College in 1975. Dr. Nittrouer has worked as a speech teacher for deaf children at the Clarke School for the Deaf, the Montreal Oral School for the Deaf, and the Framingham Learning Center for Deaf Children. In 1980 she returned to university to pursue a PhD degree, and received it in 1985 from the City University of New York. Following a post doctoral fellowship at Haskins Laboratories in New Haven, Connecticut, she moved to Omaha, Nebraska, to work at Boys Town National Research Hospital, where she remained until 2002 when she relocated to Utah State University. Currently, she is Professor and Director of Research in the Department of Otolaryngology—Head & Neck Surgery at The Ohio State University.

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