Client Education: A Partnership Approach for Health Practitioners

First Edition

Kryss McKenna, Leigh Tooth

Details: 368 pages, B&W, Softcover, 8.5" x 11"

ISBN13: 978-1-59756-103-7

© 2006 | Available

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Provides an overview of the theory and practice of client education and highlights its critical role in all areas of health care. Fundamental to it is its adoption of a client-centred, partnership approach to client education, whereby clients are encouraged to participate in their health care and where such an approach ensures that relevant, timely and tailored education is provided to meet client needs and abilities.

The editors discuss the theory and techniques of client education as well as the evidence for its effectiveness in terms of a number of client outcomes, before going on to apply those techniques, looking at specific client populations and providing practical ideas and advice about how education can be appropriately designed for and delivered to them. Throughout, they illuminate the text with practical examples, by way of case descriptions and details of the design and delivery of specific educational interventions, and include concise lists, summaries and key points. Also featured is a valuable description of two clients' perspectives on the client education process.

  • Client Education: An Overview
    Kryss McKenna and Leigh Tooth
  • In Their Own Words: Two Clients' Perspectives on the Client Education Process
    Francis L. Vicary and Kryss McKenna
  • The Effectiveness of Client Education: A Review of the Evidence and Future Challenges
    Leigh Tooth, and Kathryn M. Refshauge
  • The Adult Learner in Client-Practitioner Partnerships
    Peggy Neufeld
  • Children and Families: Partners in Education
    Sylvia Rodger
  • Planning Educational Interventions
    Kryss McKenna and Leigh Tooth
  • Deciding the Content and Format of Educational Interventions
    Kryss McKenna and Leigh Tooth
  • Evaluation of Client Education
    Tammy Hoffmann and Kryss McKenna
  • Educating Older Clients
    Kryss McKenna and Jacki Liddle
  • Educating Clients with Speech and Language Impairments
    Linda Worrall, Tamie Howe, and Tanya Rose
  • Educational Partnerships with Clients who have Hearing Impairment
    Louise Hickson
  • Educational Partnerships with Clients who have Cognitive Impairment
    Jennifer Fleming and Tamara Ownsworth
  • Partnering Clients with Psychiatric Disorders Towards Empowerment and Recovery
    Chris Lloyd, Samson Tse, and Kryss McKenna
  • When Clients are from Diverse Linguistic and Cultural Backgrounds, Samson Tse
    Chris Lloyd, and Kryss McKenna
  • Client Education Issues in Rural and Remote Settings
    Rod Cooper and Leanne J. Brown

Kryss McKenna

Dr. McKenna is a Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. She has a longstanding clinical, teaching and research interest in client education and has a strong commitment to the client-centred delivery of educational interventions.

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Leigh Tooth

Dr. Tooth has a National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia research fellowship with the Longitudinal Studies Unit in the School of Population Health at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. She has a strong research record in health education for clients and their families. Her current focus is on epidemiology and methods for longitudinal research.

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