Speaking and Singing on Stage A Performance Demonstration

First Edition

Ronald Scherer

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ISBN13: 978-1-59756-214-0

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This DVD ushers in a relatively untouched research field of the marriage of broad artistic intents, physiological requirements of the vocal performer, and hall acoustics. The topics that are demonstrated, discussed, and given acoustic analyses include adequate soft vocal performance, consequences of using too low of a pitch in acting, singing off pitch, the importance and reasons for pitch inflection in acting, the importance and enhancements of seeing the front and face of the performer, overcoming problems of the highly reverberant hall, and vowel modification with pitch change to preserve vocal quality. Other topics discussed include the definitions of audibility, intelligibility, and interpretation from the performers' point of view, pitch matching problems, insights into adequate nonverbal performance, "cheating out", trading intelligibility for vocal quality, resonance for different vocal styles, and safe shouting.

This product is a reissue of an original Voice Foundation videotape. As such, recording quality may vary or may not match modern standards and, while much material is still valid, some surgical and therapy techniques and equipment presented may be dated. Generally, however, the products represent a valuable historical perspective on the evolution of voice care.

Ronald Scherer

Ronald Scherer, PhD

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