Christina Gildersleeve-Neumann

Christina Gildersleeve-Neumann, PhD, CCC-SLP is Professor and Chair of the Speech and Hearing Department at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Her areas of expertise include severe speech sound disorders in monolingual English and bilingual Spanish-English children. She has been working with children and adolescents with severe speech sound disorders since Kathy supervised her in graduate school 22 years ago! Her research explores articulatory and phonology influences on speech development and disorder in children from monolingual and bilingual environments and includes intervention research for severe speech sound disorders, including Childhood Apraxia of Speech, in English and Spanish-English children. Core to all of her work is understanding and application of phonetic science and phonetic transcription. She has been teaching phonetics for over 20 years. In her spare time she loves traveling and listening to other languages, especially figuring out what people do in their vocal tract to produce different sounds, as well as how listeners categorize those sounds in language-specific ways!

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