Gyl Kasewurm

Gyl Kasewurm, AuD has owned and operated Professional Hearing Services (PHS) in Saint Joseph, Michigan for over thirty years. Kasewurm's single office practice generates ten times the annual revenue of an average practice. She earned her Doctorate in Audiology from Central Michigan University. Dr. Kasewurm has earned many awards and honors including a Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Academy of Audiology but is most proud of the Leadership Award that was bestowed upon her by her local Chamber of Commerce. She was recently honored by Western Michigan University as a Distinguished Alumnus, an honor awarded to only 99 of the more than 17,000 graduates of the College of Health and Human Services. Dr. Kasewurm is a well-known author and sought after speaker and prides herself on her advice on taking a practice from Fine to Fabulous! She enjoys traveling with her husband David and loves shopping for shoes!

Books by Gyl Kasewurm