Linda L. Daniel

Linda Daniel, MS, MA, CCC-A, LSLS, Cert. AVT, is a Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist and licensed audiologist. As director of HEAR In Dallas, she provides listening and spoken language services to individuals with hearing loss of all ages, many of whom have complex needs. Linda specializes in the communication needs of children who have early- and late-identified hearing loss and adults with pre- and post-linguistic hearing loss. The children and adults in her practice have hearing aids, cochlear implants, and auditory brainstem implants. In her affiliation with the Dallas Hearing Foundation, she provides family-based services to children and adults who travel to Dallas from across the globe for hearing-related surgeries, hearing technologies, audiological, and aural rehabilitative services. For 45 years, Linda has presented at professional conferences in the United States and abroad. 

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