Michele B. Emmer

Michele B. Emmer, PhD, Professor Emerita and former Chair of Speech and Hearing Sciences at Brooklyn College, City University of New York (CUNY) and former Professor of Audiology, Doctor of Audiology Program, Graduate Center (CUNY), received her Master of Science from Brooklyn College and her PhD in Speech and Hearing Sciences from the Graduate Center of CUNY. Her interests include middle ear effusion, acoustic reflex, adult-onset auditory deprivation, acclimatization, and hearing impairment in the elderly. She published many articles on these topics in medical, audiological, and scientific journals such as Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, American Academy of Audiology, ENT Journal, and Rehabilitation R & D (Department of Veterans Affairs). She was listed in the CUNY Salute to Scholars 2 years running and received the college-wide award for Excellence in Teaching at Brooklyn College. She was coinvestigator and senior research director for several federal grants, principal investigator for two CUNY grants, and a principal investigator for a grant from the New York City Department for the Aging. Dr. Emmer holds two U.S. patents for a medical device with her coauthor Dr. Shlomo Silman. Dr. Emmer taught courses in speech and hearing for over 20 years.

Books by Michele B. Emmer