Deductive Reasoning Exercises for Attention and Executive Functions: Real-Life Problem Solving

First Edition

Carrie B. Cole

Details: 194 pages, B&W, Softcover, 8.5" x 11"

ISBN13: 978-1-59756-799-2

© 2016 | Available

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Deductive Reasoning Exercises for Attention and Executive Functions: Real-Life Problem Solving is a workbook intended for speech-language pathologists and other clinicians working with clients with cognitive-linguistic impairments. The objective is to provide a fun way for clients to engage in therapy as well as provide home program materials that target specific skills identified by the clinician, address compensatory strategies, and provide insight into deficits. This workbook is made up of deductive reasoning exercises based on real-life situations with instructions, questions, and clues, as well as organizational supports such as grids, calendars, and lists.

A variety of themes are presented so that clinicians can select exercises based on the client's interest and personal experience, and a variety of levels are included to both fit the needs of a range of clients as well as the needs of individual clients as they progress.

The exercises require no preparation or additional materials and can be used for the following purposes: (a) address specific goals such as attention, working memory, executive functions, and visuospatial skills; (b) provide drills with specific metacognitive strategies; and (c) target insight through mimicking real-life activities that may be more challenging after a brain injury or change in medical status.

Key Features

  • 64 individual exercises with 4 levels of difficulty for both teens and adults
  • Open-ended exercises with the option for individual client variables and choices
  • Group exercises designed for a group of four clients with a clinician facilitator
  • Answer key
  • Purchase of this text comes with complimentary access to supplementary PDFs of all exercises on a PluralPlus companion website

How to Use This Book for Clients
How to Use This Book for Clinicians
Sample Clinician Modifications
Sample Goals to Address with This Book
Sample Strategies to Use with This Book

Exercises for Individuals

1. One-Star Set *
2A. Assigned Seating **
2B. Assigned Seating ***
2C. Assigned Seating ****
3A. Assigning Teams **
3B. Assigning Teams ***
3C. Assigning Teams ****
4A. Big Dinner Planner **
4B. Big Dinner Planner ***
4C. Big Dinner Planner ****
5A. Calendar **
5B. Calendar ***
5C. Calendar ****
6A. Checking a Phone Bill **
6B. Checking a Phone Bill ***
6C. Checking a Phone Bill ****
7A. Checking a Timecard **
7B. Checking a Timecard ***
7C. Checking a Timecard ****
8A. Cleaning Up **
8B. Cleaning Up ***
8C. Cleaning Up ****
9A. Cutting Plywood **
9B. Cutting Plywood ***
9C. Cutting Plywood ****
10A. Daily Planner **
10B. Daily Planner ***
10C. Daily Planner ****
11A. Filling a Pill Box **
11B. Filling a Pill Box ***
11C. Filling a Pill Box ****
12A. Gardening **
12B. Gardening ***
12C. Gardening ****
13A. Invitations **
13B. Invitations ***
13C. Invitations ****
14A. Memorizing an Order **
14B. Memorizing an Order ***
14C. Memorizing an Order ****
15A. Parking Lot **
15B. Parking Lot ***
15C. Parking Lot ****
16A. Planning a Potluck **
16B. Planning a Potluck ***
16C. Planning a Potluck ****
17A. Scheduling a Family Vacation **
17B. Scheduling a Family Vacation ***
17C. Scheduling a Family Vacation ****
18A. Scheduling Holidays **
18B. Scheduling Holidays ***
18C. Scheduling Holidays ****
19A. Shelves **
19B. Shelves ***
19C. Shelves ****
20A. Splitting a Tab **
20B. Splitting a Tab ***
20C. Splitting a Tab ****
21A. Staffing **
21B. Staffing ***
21C. Staffing ****
22A. Woodshop **
22B. Woodshop ***
22C. Woodshop ****

Open-Ended Exercises

1. Vacation *****
2. Budget *****
3. Luggage *****
4. Cell Phone Plan *****
5. Scheduling Clients *****

Group Exercises
Group Exercise Instructions

1. Missing Mushrooms
2. Counterfeit
3. Smuggled Goods
4. Dog-Napping
5. Missing Clock

Answer Key
Research Supporting the Use of This Book

Carrie B. Cole

Carrie B. Cole, MA, CCC-SLP, was born and raised in Oregon and from a young age has been passionate about helping others. Ms. Cole decided she wanted to become a speech pathologist at age 17 and completed her master’s degree in communication disorders and sciences at the University of Oregon in 2001. Since then, she has been practicing speech-language pathology in Portland, Oregon. Her career thus far has been spent at a large, not-for-profit hospital system, where she has had the opportunity to experience outpatient, home health, and inpatient environments. Inpatient care is her passion and she currently splits her time between inpatient medical units and an inpatient rehabilitation facility. Ms. Cole lives with her husband, daughter, and two cats. When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family: reading, watching movies, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

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Purchasers of this book receive complimentary access to supplementary PDFs of all exercises hosted on a PluralPlus companion website.


  • Individual exercises and activities
  • Open ended exercises
  • Group exercises

To access the materials, log in to the website using the URL and Access Code located inside the front cover of your copy of Deductive Reasoning Exercises for Attention and Executive Functions: Real-Life Problem Solving.

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