Oral-Facial Evaluation for Speech-Language Pathologists

First Edition

Barbara Ann Johnson-Root

Details: 480 pages, 2-Color, Softcover, 8.5" x 11"

ISBN13: 978-1-59756-575-2

© 2015 | Available

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Oral-Facial Evaluation for Speech-Language Pathologists guides speech-language pathologists and students of speech-language pathology through the process of strategically inspecting the oral-facial region for structural and functional integrity. This manual applies principles of evidence-based practice throughout and includes a cogent review of relevant anatomy and physiology, instructions for both routine and discretionary inspection procedures, detailed clinical implications for a large number of structural and functional patterns, strategies for organizing and writing appropriate report sections, as well as implications that potentially impact plan of care.

In addition to explicit guidelines that prepare examiners to purposefully and competently perform oral-facial inspections from a generalist perspective, this manual offers detailed adaptations that facilitate evidence gathering for selected special-needs populations. These include children in birth-to-5 age groups, individuals with social and cognitive challenges, persons with sensory limitations, and older adults.

A stand-alone, comprehensive resource, this manual lends itself to both professional practice and clinical teaching, while promoting a rigorous, evidence-based model for oral-facial inspection practices within the profession of speech-language pathology. Furthermore, this manual is useful for improving efficiency, accuracy, and consistency of practice across the discipline, from novice clinician to seasoned practitioner.

Key Features

  • Companion website with narrated videos that demonstrate adult and child oral-facial inspections that correspond to the manual procedures
  • Copy-ready response form for general use as well as separate copy-ready response forms for six select populations (i.e., preverbal children, children with limited language, preschoolers, adults with a history of neurologic episodes, and preoperative and postoperative laryngectomees)
  • Sixty-eight black and white illustrations
  • Thorough glossary of terms
  • Spiral, lay-flat binding suitable for frequent clinical use
  • Foreword written by Dr. Raymond D. Kent

View a sample video from the companion website here.

From the Foreword
Oral-Facial Evaluation for Speech-Language Pathologists takes several significant steps toward a systematic and reasoned OFE. The first two chapters define the basic problems and guide the reader through the routine process of the examination. Methods of the examination are clearly tied to purpose and conclusions. Subsequent chapters consider the manifold issues of OFE in relation to discretionary observations, adaptations for individuals with special needs, interpreting findings, and documenting findings. In this way, the book unfolds into an expanding coverage of the OFE that meets diverse needs in speech-language pathology. Illustrations, tabled summaries, a glossary, and companion videos make this a book that is highly informative in an inviting and supportive format.

This book consolidates clinical expertise to guide readers through an effective examination of the structural and functional integrity of a complex system in individuals with a variety of communication disorders. Author Barbara Johnson-Root has given the field of speech-language pathology an unparalleled resource in the logic and methods of the OFE. Her book is a tour de force that will be consulted repeatedly by clinicians with various levels of experience. Oral-Facial Evaluation for Speech-Language Pathologists is a milestone in the literature on clinical methods.
Raymond D. Kent, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison


"An oral-facial examination is necessary when conducting a speech-­ā€language assessment for clients of all ages from infancy to 90+. At last one single volume is now available that provides the clinician comprehensive information on the structure and function of the speech mechanism from analysis to interpretation of what is observed. Numerous diagrams, checklists as well as a video enliven the process. Oral-Facial Evaluation for Speech-Language Pathologists by Barbara Ann Johnson-Root is a timeless resource that can follow the student from early training in the field through his or her practice for many years."
Henriette W. Langdon, Ed.D., F-CCC-SLP, Professor-CD & S San José State University, San Jose, CA 

Foreword by Raymond D. Kent, PhD
Introduction: About Oral-Facial Evaluation for Speech-Language Pathologists

Part I. Before the Procedures
Chapter 1. Getting Started

Part II. Gathering Client-Centered Evidence
Chapter 2. Instructions for Routine Oral-Facial Evaluation Procedures
Chapter 3. Instructions for Discretionary Clinical Observations
Chapter 4. Suggested Adaptations for Examinees With Special Needs

Part III. Interpreting and Managing the Evidence
Chapter 5. Interpreting the Findings
Chapter 6. Documenting the Findings

Appendix A. Recording Forms
Appendix B. Equipment and Supplies
Appendix C. Optional Rapid Review of Relevant Anatomy and Physiology
Appendix D. Summary of Relevant Cranial Nerves


Barbara Ann Johnson-Root

Barbara Ann Johnson-Root, PhD, CCC-SLP, is a professor of speech-language pathology at Ithaca College, and has taught and supervised students in higher education for more than 30 years. She presently teaches in the areas of diagnosis and appraisal, language disorders in children, clinical phonology, perspectives on deafness, and facilitating spoken-language learning in deaf and hard-of-hearing children. Dr. Johnson-Root is the author of Language Disorders in Children: An Introductory Clinical Perspective. She has published articles in areas such as facilitating spoken language in deaf speakers and family-centered clinical practice. Dr. Johnson-Root's recent national and international presentations have addressed topics including Kabuki syndrome, using technology to enhance learning in higher-education classrooms, empowering students with math anxiety to learn the math skills needed for professional practice, as well as an innovative approach to introducing new graduate students to diagnostic practicum.

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  • Demonstration videos for adult and child examinees
  • Appendix recording forms

To access the materials, log in to the website using the URL and Access Code located inside the front cover of your copy of Oral-Facial Evaluation for Speech-Language Pathologists.

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