Treating Selective Mutism as a Speech-Language Pathologist

First Edition

Emily R. Doll

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ISBN13: 978-1-63550-281-7

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Selective mutism (SM) is an anxiety disorder in which individuals are unable to communicate in certain environments or contexts (such as at school or in the community) despite having appropriate speech and language skills in other settings. By drawing on their extensive knowledge of language development, language complexity, and therapeutic approaches, speech-language pathologists (SLPs) can provide life-changing results for children with SM. Treating Selective Mutism as a Speech-Language Pathologist is a comprehensive yet accessible resource designed to bridge the gap in the current SM literature and empower SLPs to treat this disorder effectively. This valuable professional resource has tools for SLPs at every stage of their careers, from new clinicians preparing for potential cases of SM to experienced SLPs looking to expand their knowledge base. 

The first three chapters of Treating Selective Mutism as a Speech-Language Pathologist offer a base of understanding by exploring the roots and characteristics of SM. The text then walks clinicians through effective assessment and diagnosis strategies. The final chapters provide evidence-based treatment strategies, as well as practical guides and activities, for supporting children with SM.

Key Features

  • Ready-to-use activities, handouts, and forms that can be reproduced and implemented during a therapy session
  • Up-to-date empirical evidence regarding the etiological factors of SM
  • Overview of the collaborative team approach necessary for treating SM 
  • Suggestions regarding specific assessment materials and a specific protocol to guide data collection during assessment
  • Specific, evidence-based treatment strategies provided in a clear, easy-to-understand manner
  • A PluralPlus companion website with printable versions of the resources in the book

Emily R. Doll Discusses Treating Selective Mutism as a Speech-Language Pathologist


Chapter 1. Overview of Anxiety
Chapter 2. History of Selective Mutism and Etiological Factors
Chapter 3. Characteristics of Selective Mutism
Chapter 4. Assessment and Diagnosis of Selective Mutism
Chapter 5. Treatment Techniques for Selective Mutism
Chapter 6. Meaningful Goals and Therapy Activities


Case History
Sample Letter to New Classmates/Friends
Selective Mutism at School Handout (Teacher Tip Sheet)
Sample Talking Map
Classmates and Friends Rating Form
Teachers and Adults Rating Form
Playdate Log
Sample Ritual Sound Approach Chart
Brave Talking Practice Assignment Sheet
Feelings Rating Chart
Brave Talking Questions
Brave Talking Goals
Brave Talking Ladder (5 Steps)
Brave Talking Ladder (10 Steps)
Find-A-Friend Bingo
Brave Talking Chart (10 Spaces)
Brave Talking Chart (80 Spaces With Row Markers)
Brave Talking Chart (80 Spaces) 
Brave Talking Weekly Chart (for Classroom) 
Pets Survey 
Birthday Survey 
Seasons Survey 
Siblings Survey 
Ice Cream Survey 
Challenge Cards for School 
Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt 
Bookstore/Library Scavenger Hunt 
Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt 
Department Store Scavenger Hunt 
Additional Resources


Emily R. Doll

Emily R. Doll, MA, MS, CCC-SLP, has a background in developmental psychology and speech-language pathology. She is currently a licensed school-based speech-language pathologist in Pennsylvania, where she works with elementary and middle school students. She has presented on selective mutism at national, state, and local conferences, and has participated as a team member in the treatment of many children with selective mutism and other comorbid diagnoses, ranging in age from preschool to adolescence. Her research interests include the influence of psychological factors, such as anxiety, on speech and language skills, as well as the impact of parental language on children's language development.

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