Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery: Clinical Reference Guide

Sixth Edition

Raza Pasha
Justin S. Golub

Speech and Voice Science Workbook

Fourth Edition

Alison Behrman
Donald Finan

Remediation of /r/ for Speech-Language Pathologists

First Edition

Peter Flipsen Jr.

A Handbook on Stuttering

Seventh Edition

Oliver Bloodstein
Nan Bernstein Ratner
Shelley B. Brundage

Speech and Voice Science

Fourth Edition

Alison Behrman

Audiological Research Over Six Decades

First Edition

James Jerger

Clinical Audiology: An Introduction

Third Edition

Brad A. Stach
Virginia Ramachandran

Foundations of Speech and Hearing: Anatomy and Physiology

Second Edition

Jeannette D. Hoit
Gary Weismer
Brad Story

Evaluating and Conducting Research in Audiology

First Edition

Vinaya Manchaiah
Eldré W. Beukes
Ross J. Roeser

CHARGE Syndrome

Second Edition

Timothy S. Hartshorne
Margaret A. Hefner
Kim D. Blake

Voice Disorders

Fourth Edition

Christine Sapienza
Bari Hoffman

Respiratory Muscle Strength Training

First Edition

Christine Sapienza
Bari Hoffman

Clinical Management of Swallowing Disorders Workbook

Fifth Edition

Thomas Murry
Karen Chan

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