Rating Laryngeal Videostroboscopy and Acoustic Recordings: Normal and Pathologic Samples (DVD)

Second Edition

Wendy D. LeBorgne

Details: DVD

ISBN13: 978-1-59756-802-9

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Rating Laryngeal Videostroboscopy and Acoustic Recordings: Normal and Pathologic Samples, Second Edition was designed to enhance clinical skills in assessing normal and abnormal vibratory characteristics of the vocal folds. This revised edition features 20 new cases with high-definition strobes, along with 20 new auditory files, and 20 new corresponding rating forms - for a total of 112 cases.

The video samples begin with essentially normal stroboscopic images of the vocal folds and progress to more medically complex conditions, making the interpretation of the stroboscopic results more challenging. Most of the samples were collected following a standard protocol for recording laryngeal function during nonvoicing and voicing tasks. It is encouraged that the rater pause and replay each sample as often as needed to make the ratings.

Rating Laryngeal Videostroboscopy and Acoustic Recordings is an invaluable resource for the developing clinician who is learning to hone his or her skills of assessment.

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Part 1. High Definition Strobe Samples
Cases 1-20

Part 2. Normal Samples
Cases 21-25

Part 3. Laryngeal Dehydration Samples
Cases 26-29

Part 4. Carcinoma Samples
Cases 30-34

Part 5. Glottic Webbing Samples
Cases 35-37

Part 6. Granuloma and Contact Ulcer Samples
Cases 38-44

Part 7. Laryngeal Myasthenia, Vocal Fold Bowing, and Vocal Fold Sulcus Samples
Cases 45-49

Part 8. Laryngeal Tremor Samples
Cases 50-52

Part 9. Leukoplakia Samples
Cases 53-55

Part 10. Papillomatosis Samples
Cases 56-59

Part 11. Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion (PVFM) Samples
Cases 60-61

Part 12. Polypoid Degeneration Samples
Cases 62-65

Part 13. Reflux and Reflux Laryngitis Samples
Cases 66-69

Part 14. Reinke's Edema Samples
Cases 70-71

Part 15. Spasmodic Dysphonia Samples
Cases 72-74

Part 16. Vascular Lesion Samples
Cases 75-79

Part 17. Vocal Fold Cyst Samples
Cases 80-81

Part 18. Vocal Fold Edema Samples
Cases 82-85

Part 19. Vocal Fold Erythema Samples
Cases 86-89

Part 20. Vocal Fold Nodule Samples
Cases 90-94

Part 21. Vocal Fold Paralysis Samples
Cases 95-98

Part 22. Vocal Fold Polyp Samples
Cases 99-104

Part 23. Other Samples
Cases 105-112

Wendy D. LeBorgne

Wendy D. LeBorgne, PhD, CCC-SLP, is a voice pathologist, a singing voice specialist, and director of the Blaine Block Institute for Voice Analysis and Rehabilitation and The Professional Voice Center of Greater Cincinnati. Additionally, she holds an adjunct faculty position at Cincinnati College-Conservatory. Dr. LeBorgne's original, peer-reviewed research on the performing voice has been published in multiple scientific journals and she presents nationally and internationally on the professional performing voice. Dr. LeBorgne teaches workshops and master classes on vocal health and belting at major music schools and conservatories throughout the United States. Her clients can be found on local and national stages as well as TV and film. Dr. LeBorgne also maintains an active professional performing career.

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