Simple Counseling For Adults with Aphasia

First Edition

Michael Chial, Michael Flahive

Details: CD-ROM

ISBN13: 978-1-59756-410-6

© 2011 | Available

For Instructors

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Simple Counseling is not a book, but a self-contained website on CD-ROM intended to support university instructors who seek to focus students on principles and methods of counseling pertinent to adults who have aphasia.

Included for use by students are 25 exercises and an original collection of 40 video recordings of adults working with some of the life challenges associated with various types and degrees of aphasia. Printable learning activities and keys emphasize the dynamics of informational and personal adjustment issues, as well as selected microskills of proven value in counseling. Each exercise is based upon an explicit purpose intended to engage students in active, critical learning, either individually, or in groups. Many of these benefit from expert guidance provided by Audrey L. Holland, Ph.D., Regents Emerita Professor, University of Arizona. Learning activities and video content can be accessed from a separately provided list of resources.

An extensive interactive glossary of terms encourages students to test their understanding of concepts pertinent to counseling and aphasia. Links to online references, an extensive bibliography of print resources, and a family album of individuals featured in recordings round out this video workbook for instructors.

How can this product help me teach?

  • 25 exercises and an original collection of 40 video recordings of adults working with some of the life challenges associated with various types and degrees of aphasia
  • Printable learning activities and keys
  • Interactive glossary of terms
  • Links to online references
  • Extensive bibliography of print resources

View a demonstration video here.

  • Introduction
  • For Instructors
  • Views of Counseling
  • Micro Skills
  • Information Exchange
  • Personal Adjustment
  • Family Album
  • Glossaries
  • Resources
  • Links
  • Dedication and Credits

Michael Chial

Dr. Chial's work emphasized physical acoustics, instrumentation, calibration and standards, hearing conservation, forensic applications, counseling, and quantitative assessments of clinical decision-making. Since retirement, he has focused on videography, web design, and software development for instructional purposes. He has published 60 articles or book chapters and given more than 350 technical presentations to national and international audiences. His work has been funded by NSF, NIH, the World Rehabilitation fund, and the U.S. Department of Education. Dr. Chial is a member and Fellow of ASHA and the American Academy of Audiology. He chaired the ASHA Educational Technology Committee and the ASHA Academic Affairs Board, and in 2005 was awarded ASHA's Recognition for Special Contributions to Higher Education.

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Michael Flahive

Michael Flahive has been a university faculty member since 1974, serving at three universities. His principle activity has been in the classroom, although he also has served as Department Chair and Graduate Program Director for thirty years. Dr. Flahive has extensive experience involving professional organizations and higher education issues. He chaired the Academic Affair Board of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). He also served on the Board of ASHA's Special Interest Division #10—Issues in Higher Education. He has extensive organization and management experience, serving as President of the Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association and manager of a highly successful program to train bilingual speech-language pathologists in the Chicago schools (2001-2004). Dr. Flahive is a member and Fellow of ASHA.

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