By Ken M. Bleile
April 30, 2019
Part 5 of 7 Adapted from Speech Sound Disorders: From Class to Clinic, Fourth Edition Because an infant cannot know beforehand which language they must learn, a child is born able to learn any language. This means, for example, that an infant who grows…
By Robert McKinney
March 21, 2019
People often talk about “losing” an accent, and there is an assumption that it is a common or expected result for adults who acquire a second language. In the world of accent modification, many clients seek our services because they desire this outcome,…
By Ken M. Bleile
February 28, 2019
If your doctor recommends a procedure, you likely will ask what’s involved—how it’s performed, what is the recovery time, what are possible complications, etc.  Your doctor expects those questions, and will likely give you answers even if you don’t ask,…