By Ken Bleile, PhD
March 13, 2020
Speech has a dual nature, being both an aspect of language and a channel of communication (Hockett, 1960). The dual nature of speech is important to our profession because it is the basis of the conceptual distinction between phonology and articulation…
By Ken Bleile, PhD
February 17, 2020
Speech is more than talking. To see this, think of all the things that either you could not accomplish or you could only accomplish with much greater effort if speech did not exist to convey language. Things that speech facilitates include (yes) talking,…
By Ken Bleile, PhD
February 14, 2020
Welcome to Phonology Means Nothing and Other Astounding and Very Practical Facts About Speech Sound Disorders. I hope you enjoy reading these blogs as much as I enjoyed writing them. This collection reflects the belief that one of the best things about…