A Coursebook on Aphasia and Other Neurogenic Language Disorders.

Fourth Edition

M.N. Hegde

Details: 351 pages, B&W, Spiral Bound, 8.5" x 11" (A new edition is available.)

ISBN13: 978-1-94488-309-6

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A new edition of this title is available.

A Coursebook on Aphasia and Other Neurogenic Language Disorders, Fourth Edition
is a textbook for courses in aphasia and other neurogenic communication disorders, whether offered at the undergraduate or graduate level. It is organized in a unique and interactive coursebook format that divides pages into columns with written information next to columns with a space for notes. This allows instructors to make lecture notes and students to write class notes on the right half of each page of the text.

The text has been divided into four parts. Part I deals with various forms of aphasia, essential neurological concepts, neurodiagnostic procedures, and assessment and treatment of aphasic communication disorders. Part II addresses communication disorders associated with right hemisphere damage and their clinical management. Part III is concerned with traumatic brain injury and its nature, assessment, and treatment. Finally, Part IV of the text is devoted to varieties of dementia and their assessment and clinical management.

For the fourth edition, all chapters have been thoroughly revised and expanded to make them comprehensive, current, and clinically detailed. New information has been added to most chapters to reflect recent developments in the study, assessment, and treatment of communication disorders associated with neurologic diseases and trauma.

Preface to the Fourth Edition

Part I. Aphasia

Chapter 1. Prevalence, Definition, and Classification of Aphasia
Chapter 2. Neuroanatomic and Neurophysiological Considerations
Chapter 3. Neurodiagnostic Methods and Neuropathology
Chapter 4. Varieties of Aphasias
Chapter 5. Assessment of Aphasia
Chapter 6. Treatment of Aphasia

Part II. Right Hemisphere Damage

Chapter 7. Right Hemisphere Damage
Chapter 8. Assessment and Treatment of Right Hemisphere Damage

Part III. Traumatic Brain Injury

Chapter 9. Traumatic Brain Injury: Causes and Consequences
Chapter 10. Assessment and Management of Traumatic Brain Injury

Part IV. The Dementias

Chapter 11. The Dementias
Chapter 12. Assessment and Management of Persons With Dementia


M.N. Hegde

M. N. Hegde, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Communication Sciences and Disorders at California State University-Fresno. A specialist in fluency disorders, language disorders, research methods, and treatment procedures in communication disorders, Dr. Hegde is world renown as a researcher, presenter, contributor of original articles to leading national and international journals, and critically acclaimed author of more than two dozen highly regarded books in speech-language pathology. He has served on the editorial boards of several scientific and professional journals, has been a guest editor of international journals, and continues to serve as an editorial consultant to the Journal of Fluency Disorders. 

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