Leadership in Speech-Language Pathology

First Edition

Linda S. Carozza

Details: 249 pages, B&W, Softcover, 6" x 9"

ISBN13: 978-1-94488-361-4

© 2019

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Leadership in Speech-Language Pathology aims to equip future leaders in the field of communication sciences and disorders by addressing the qualities of effective leadership, internal and external problem solving, potential tests of leadership skills, negotiation, politics, and the concept of power. Readers will gain a comprehensive view of leadership with the discussion of healthy leadership cultures, current leadership trends, and how to instruct emerging leaders.

In the relatively young profession of speech-language pathology, the role models are still developing and ever changing as the educational and medical landscape becomes increasingly complex. The talents and skills of a new manager-leader will be tested, and it is the understanding of the big picture, the individual preparedness, and the unknown quantities that will serve to form a platform of the learning trajectory of a new senior appointee.

This resource combines unique, "in-the-field" perspectives with the latest research on leadership styles and strategies to equip speech-language pathologists with the knowledge they need to lead.

Key Features

  • Each chapter begins with Learning Objectives, highlighting topics to be discussed
  • Reflection Questions at the end of each chapter challenge readers to think critically about key points
  • Chapter Conclusions wrap up each chapter, providing a succinct summary for readers
  • Valuable insights from contributors Wendy Papir-Bernstein and Regina Lemmon-Bush


Chapter 1. Why Study Leadership?
Linda Carozza

Chapter 2. Qualities of Effective Leaders
Linda Carozza

Chapter 3. Organizations in Which SLPs May Participate in Leadership Positions
Linda Carozza

Chapter 4. Starting Point of Leadership
Linda Carozza

Chapter 5. Internal and External Problem Solving
Linda Carozza

Chapter 6. Testing Leadership
Linda Carozza

Chapter 7. Negotiation, Politics, and the Concept of Power
Linda Carozza with acknowledgement to Katie LaForce

Chapter 8. Leadership Wellness: Establishing Healthy Leadership Cultures
Wendy Papir-Bernstein

Chapter 9. Leadership Trends: What is Trending in Leadership Practices?
Wendy Papir-Bernstein

Chapter 10. How to Instruct Emerging Leaders
Regina Lemmon

End Notes

Linda S. Carozza

Linda S. Carozza, PhD, CCC-SLP, is the Founding Director of the MS program in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Pace University in New York City, as well as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at New York University Langone Medical Center. She has authored several books, numerous articles and is a frequent invited speaker. Her research and practice is in adult neurogenic communication disorders.

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